Welcome to KRB Media Group!

KRBC is the local go-to station for Rockaway Beach and surrounding area Rockers of all ages. 

Why? Because we rock 24-7, 7 days a week! Let our crowd-pleasing DJs blast your rock music from across the globe or tune in for our daily shows.


 ​Check us out on LIVE365 FREE Download for your mobile device! Catch ALL the new Live Shows and Fun. Put Us in your Pocket or hook us up to your car for your morning drive! We LOVE to rock & ride.

Playing three decades of Classic Rock!


Are you an Indie Artist?


           will give your Indie Jams some air time! We would LOVE to play them on our Indie Rock Show! Please email us your Indie Jams if you want your music heard on the radio.



Listener-Supported Radio


  KRB Media Group was established in 2020 with one simple mission in mind: to bring the best music to the coolest listeners around the WORLD.  Today, KRB Media Group is one of Missouri's best internet stations, the U.S.A.  We dedicate our time to the surrounding communities through drives and events while rocking out to music.  Not only the best radio shows and talented staff, but it’s also quickly gaining a great rep world-wide.   


To keep the momentum going, we are now a listener-supported station.  We depend on our members and sponsors to bring you the music that you love and community-driven events

and so much more.  

More details are coming soon! And how to sign up.

We dedicate to our listeners a diverse rock music genre of internet radio stations. All while helping the community by bringing events and being involved. KRBC the Best of Classic Rock, and MORE on the way!