Meet the DJs

Cup of Joe

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Joe has been on internet radio for nearly 10 years. He started back in 2000 as a DJ that played Bach, Beethoven to Tina Turner at KTOZ in Springfield, MO. Outside of his time of doing stand-up (which is why he sits down now), his entire life has been surrounded by a passion for music. Joe was raised near the Rockaway Beach area and loves not only music and also the community.

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Queen of Rock


Born in FL at St Patrick Air Force Base and lived mostly in MN, and now it's MO.   Wearing many hats from DJ, IT, website design, and student of  the Mountain Monk.  My fondest memory as a child is listening to my father play the guitar, and we would all sing.   I have been hooked on music since.

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DJ Smith  KRBT


Born in Florida, and now I have resided in the Hollister area for over 20 yrs. By day I am a CNA who enjoys football and playing games with my family. I have always had an interest in music. I listen to country, rock and a little bit of everything.

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Stada Rocks


Meet the better half of the 'Morning Show.' Stada is witty and keeps Cup of Joe on track! Literally! She has a passion for metal music and has a strong following on KRBC. She also spent many hours stuffing stockings for our community event, 'Donate a Stocking' this past holiday season. Stada Super Star!

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The Godfather


The Godfather of Rock, host of the '80s @ 8 with the deep baritone voice.  His restaurant reviews can be seen on Branson Eats - FB.

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T-Roy is a podcast host, singer, performer, husband, and dad to 4 fur babies. A hillbilly from The Ozarks who enjoys life and loves his family and friends. Through his trials and tribulations in life, he always tries to find the bright side. Through T-Roy's podcast Everythin' Yet Nothin', he tries to enlighten and educate people on the diverse world we are living in and bring lol be and light into everyone's hearts.

    Ken LP

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    It was a childhood dream to be a stand-up comedian.  I was the master of ceremonies for a show in Springfield at Juanita K. Hammons Hall and performed for an audience of 750. Later performances at the Blue Room Comedy Club and Cruise-In Throttle Down in Kimberling City.

    Now joining the morning show. 

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