We are proud to support those deployed and those who have served our country.  November is the month we celebrate you!  We show our support by wearing RED every Friday and providing helpful links to those in need.

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Need Help with Benefits?

This video overview Veterans Service Connected Disability Benefits and survivors benefits associated with Service-Connected Disabled veterans. Nationally Accredited Veterans Service Officer Marcus Inman will be back in studio Friday, 19 November, to discuss 'Aid & Attendance' benefits for Veterans, Veterans Spouses & Surviving Spouses. Please reach out to us with any questions at krbcradio@gmail.com.


Link for more information: 

The State of Missouri www.mvc.dps.mo.gov 

VA Benefits call-in center  1-800-827-1000


More Resources




Veterans Voices Writing Project is to enable military veterans to experience solace and satisfaction through our writing program. 


This Friday, 11.19.21 @ 9 a.m. CST on The Morning Show Marcus Inman is back to discuss 'Aid & Attendance'  benefits for  Veterans, Veterans Spouses & Surviving Spouses.

Help support our veterans throughout the year!


Wear RED on Fridays and show your support for our Deployed Soldiers!


If you or someone you know is currently serving, please email us here.  We love to give 'Shout-outs' to those deployed. 

Did you know?

Our military coined the Term Rock N Roll as they described the movement of the ships on the sea. The vessels would 'Rock and Roll'. Later, Allan Freed, a DJ at WJD, would popularize Rock N Roll. Here at KRBC, we put the two together, and on Fridays, we wear our

red shirts to honor the deployed in green. So join us every Friday, wear your red on Fridays, and wave our flag with pride every day.